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Kalamazoo’s ‘Vintage in the Zoo’ right around the corner

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Another chance to explore and shop for vintage clothing, furnishing, house appliances, and other products presents itself with next week Sunday’s event, “Vintage in the Zoo.” It is scheduled for October 7, lasting from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., and is located in Kalamazoo’s Farmers’ Market (1204 Bank Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001).

The event has found success in the recent past, with over 1,000 vintage shoppers participating in Kalamazoo’s vintage market occasion during June and August. If interested, more details and information can be found on the “Vintage in the Zoo” website.  

“Enjoy true vintage shopping in an outdoor setting” states Vintage in the Zoo’s website. Photo by Max Mann.

The website also has a sign-up for those looking to sell vintage merchandise, along with a list of vendors that will be attending this October. Nostalgica Vintage, Pachama Street food, Plain Jane’s Antiques, and Satellite Records are just a few vendors out of more than 50 that will be present.

“Vintage in the Zoo” looks to provide a pleasant experience through its large variety of vintage vendors to entertain and engross those who are interested in the classics, while also offering free balloons for any children who make the trip as well. For even more information, including pictures of previous products and events, links to “Vintage in the Zoo” facebook and instagram pages can be found on their website.


Justin Walker

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