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Richland Elementary’s spirit week calls forth a parade of color

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In honor of Gull Lake Community Schools’ Homecoming, Richland Elementary celebrated with color.

On Tuesday, the theme was crazy hair or hats and most 1st graders went all out. Many showed up to school with their hair dyed in varying colors of green, purple and orange. The students painted their hair their favorite color, and most ended up competing to see who had the most colorful hair. Other students showed up with brightly colored hats that were sparkly and covered in stickers, showing the students’ hobbies.

Many of the students’ dress depicted personal interests, ranging from neon green hair to a hat made of playing cards.

1st Grader Christopher Barnett by Alison Barnett

Even though most elementary school students do not fully understand the meaning of Homecoming, they welcome the chance to show off what makes them unique.

“My favorite color is blue, but my sister’s is purple, and we both like green,” first grader Christopher Barnett said.

Many students stayed up late the previous night to make sure they would look the best they could the night day, to the chagrin of many of their parents.

Many teachers also enjoy spirit week. The week allows teachers to find things in common with their students and helps to strengthen the bonds between student and teacher. Seeing as the school year is still new, some students have yet to truly connect with their teacher and spirit week is the best time to do so.

Spirit week in the Richland is a festive and colorful time, one that is looked forward to every year.


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