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Halls clog Gull Lake High School

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Hall clogging is defined as a group of people making it hard to walk through a hall. Now it’s no secret that hall clogging is an issue in our school, especially in hallways just before the one minute bell rings. People should be moving fast down the hall, and they just stand there.

Visiting with friends is not a crime, but there are some people who would rather not and get to class on time. There are also places in the building where I feel are appropriate for meeting friends; I’m talking about the benches at the end of the halls.

Hall clogging also causes arguments. Now I’ve seen and be in some situations where people would start  arguing because someone was in their way and didn’t move. Now we all know these are stupid fights, but it’s that big of an issue that some arguments have happened over it. People have gotten hurt accidentally by it, and some of them may have felt intentional.

As a school, we need to find ways to get this problem to disappear. It will increase the number of students who make it to class on time, which might help grades increase, which will then make parents and teachers happier.




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