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Richland Elementary celebrates Halloween with a trick or treat party

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Mrs. Koets’ first grade class prepares for a Halloween parade and games. By Alison Barnett

October 31, All Hallow’s Eve: a time of mischief and mirth. Or, for Richland Elementary School, a time for celebration and candy. In the days leading up to the holiday, the school and classrooms have been overrun with spooky decorations. Or, in the Reading support Room’s case, have grown a haunted cornfield on their walls. The entire school has spent the week preparing for Halloween.

“Halloween is probably the students’ favorite holiday; they get to dress up and play spooky games all day,” says former Teacher Academy intern Ari Dugan.

Mrs. Koets’ first-grade classroom spent the week learning about bats and reading stories to Mrs. Koets’ dachshunds, who enjoy dressing up as hot dogs. The entire school got together to celebrate by putting on a parade for the parents and showing off their costumes. Some of the most common costumes were Spider-man and unicorns.

After the parade, all of the students went to their respective classrooms to sit down and enjoy some festive treats.



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