GLHS Blue Devils take on Forest Hills

Last Wednesday night was a big day for the Gull Lake boys’ varsity soccer team; it was the State Semifinals and the team was ready for their big game against Grand Rapids Forest Hills. The team was having an outstanding season, with a record of 15-7-1, so it came into the game knowing what was on the line.

The game was a nail-biter; the Blue Devils held the number one team in the state to an overtime. Both teams started warming up for the first overtime in the state semifinals; you could feel the intensity throughout the whole stadium. The crowd was going crazy. 

It was scoreless until there were about three minutes left, then Forest Hills scored a goal, but the Blue Devils didn’t care. It’s task was to score and win.

It was rough; we knew that we were finally done, and we were super close to our goal and falling short. It was a very emotional night for us. I would go back and play that whole season over again; I love all my brothers,” said GLHS senior Kaden McCloughan.

The Devils worked hard, but were not able to get the ball into the goal; they lost to Forest Hills by one point with only three minutes left.

According to GLHS Senior Zach Reed, everyone was disappointed as Forest Hills’ student section rushed the field, but the Gull Lake boys stood tall, proud of how far they came.

“We worked hard but the odds weren’t in our favor,” Reed said. “They were NOT a better team than us; the player that scored was just in the right spot at the right time.”

Wyatt Drum

Wyatt Drum

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