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Marching Band should qualify as a physical education credit

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Marching Band far exceeds the criteria needed to be considered a sport, so some students are wondering why it doesn’t count as a gym credit in academics.

At Gull Lake High School, all students are required to take an in-school gym class to ensure that they are remaining physically active. In Marching Band, students are required to be physically fit in order to participate; especially in drumline and color guard. Students rehearse, on average, a total of 10 hours a week, competitions and football games not included; the same as an average sports team. Students on the color guard and drumline teams practice even more: up to 12 or 13 hours per week. These groups also must remain physically fit in order to complete choreography and even simply carry their equipment. A bass drum can weigh anywhere between 15 and 60 pounds, and is strapped to the student’s chest.

To remain healthy, the average human should exercise for about 45 minutes each day– something that students in Marching Band accomplish in less than one class period. Not only do said students exercise daily, they are required to perform regardless of the weather conditions, except in the case of lightning or extreme heat (above 97° Fahrenheit), whereas Gull Lake gym classes do not require their students to go outside in rain or low temperatures.

However, Marching Band is still considered an elective fine arts class at Gull Lake. Even with other schools across the nation allowing students to drop  gym credits in favor of completing three or more years of Marching Band, GLHS shows no signs of following suit.

“Last year, I pulled my tendons and Allison [Eldridge] broke her toe,” senior Ari Dugan says, “and I can’t even say I did a sport on my college applications. Injuries are common in the class; the least the school could do is not force us to take gym. Once, I had to do both Marching Band and gym in the same tri[mester].”


I am a senior who is involved in various theater companies and participates in Marching Band. I hope to go into Marine Biology and research the habits of sawfish.


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    I don’t disagree that marching band constitutes physical exercise but physical education class also educate on the benefits of physical health and exercise and marching band just doesn’t cover that curriculum

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    I think it could be considered a physical education credit but regardless i feel like you should have to take intro to fitness for lots of reasons.


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