Who’s better? A current look into the Michigan-Michigan State debate

An up-to-date commentary on how the Michigan-Michigan State rivalry currently stands. Photo provided by Adam Glanzman.

Michigan: After a dominant 21-7 win over despised rival Michigan State, number five ranked Michigan looks to extend its winning streak against Penn State after the bye week. Diving deeper into the Michigan-Michigan State match-up, the two teams came into the game both ranked by the AP Top 25 poll with Michigan ranked sixth and Michigan State ranked twenty-fourth. Michigan’s offense, defense, and overall play was much better than State’s; which should be expected by now considering the steps Michigan has taken to improve their program while State’s program has looked stagnant. What else is to be expected by the far-better school in the University of Michigan?

After the game, Michigan is now 7-1 on the season while Michigan State dropped to 4-3. Although tightly contested in the first quarter of play, the score was tied at zero, Michigan scored a touchdown bringing the score to 7-0 at halftime. It was after the halftime break in which Michigan started to dominate, scoring a touchdown in each of the next two quarters, only allowing Michigan State to score one touchdown in the third quarter.

While both team’s defenses played fairly well, the quarterback (and overall offensive) play for Michigan gave the huge edge over Michigan State. Michigan’s quarterback, Shea Patterson, had a completion percentage of 56 and threw for two touchdowns while Michigan State’s quarterback, Brian Lewerke, completed only 25 percent of his passes for zero touchdowns. Looking at the overall offense for both teams, Michigan dominated state with 212 passing yards and 183 rushing yards for a total yardage gained of 395, while Michigan State had a measly 79 passing yards and 15 rushing yards for a total yardage gained of 94. Stats for the game can be found on ESPN’s website.

The Michigan-Michigan State game cemented Michigan’s top five ranking while decreasing chances for Michigan State to stay ranked in the AP poll for the rest of the season. Michigan State looks to rebound against Ohio State for a spot in a potential bowl game, while Michigan will aim to make it into the top four in the AP poll rankings so that it can participate in the College Football Playoffs in a hope to win the championship. Michigan does face a tough road ahead in terms of schedule, playing two ranked teams in Penn State and Ohio State. While the road for Michigan State football looks grim this season, Michigan football fans have a reason to be excited so long as the team can come out on top of the remaining ranked teams on their schedule.

Justin Walker

Justin Walker

I’m a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I enjoy writing about our school sports’ programs and other areas as well. Having a deep interest and enjoyment in our English classes at Gull Lake, I’ve decided to pursue a different side of writing by doing newspaper and hope to provide entertaining articles for our viewers. Being involved in sports such as cross country and track, while also being invested to clubs such as Debate and Model UN, I write about topics that affect both myself and classmates.

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