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Are fall leaves getting duller?

Although most of the leaves have fallen from the trees and we’re now being bombarded by an onslaught of snow, there are still a few leaves that cling to the trees as a reminder of how short-lived our autumn was this year.

Michigan’s typically vibrant fall foliage has inspired “Fall Color Tours” for tourists. Courtesy of GoodFreePhotos

Not only was our autumn short-lived, but the characteristically vibrant fall leaves also appeared a bit dull and lackluster. As someone who loves fall and the vibrant red, yellow, and orange fall leaves that I thought were inexorably linked with autumn, this past year just didn’t hold up to my expectations.

My disappointment led me to begin doing some research about why the hues weren’t quite as dazzling as they usually are, and I found some interesting information.

Listen to the podcast below to learn about the science behind leaf color.

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Sophia Christensen
Sophia Christensen
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