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Why we should have study hall

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Many students often get home very late due to sports, work, or other extracurricular activities and don’t have enough time to finish their homework. My friends and I always are wishing that Gull Lake had an extra period, like a study hall, because students are involved in many after-school activities and do not have time to get all of their work done when they come home. A study hall period would be very beneficial to all students in the world.

Most students are involved in sports, clubs or have jobs– some do all three. These student do not have enough time to study, participate in outside activities and keep up on sleep. This is a big issue that nobody seems to care about.

“I would be more prepared and would get more done if we had an extra study period.” Senior William Weiss 

The default response to this is to claim that, if the school did provide a study hall, then students wouldn’t use it for work. 

Grades would also likely improve. Students do not always have time to finish things, so they end up rushing to get the work done at a lower quality; maybe, if they had a study hall, students could be more careful with their work. It would be useful to everyone, not just student workers and student athletes.

“I get home late. Most of the time, from games, I get home at 10:30 p.m. or later. Having an extra period would be very useful to me so I could get help from teachers if I need it.” Sophomore Cable Taylor 

Students agree it would be very beneficial to have a study hall so they could get work done; after all, making sure you’re is up-to-date in high school is crucial. This should at least be an option for students, and it shouldn’t affect student athletes’ chances of going Division 1 just because the NCAA rule doesn’t want kids taking a guided study class.

ravelle johnson

My name is Ravelle Johnson, I went to Albion Public Schools until 7th grade.  After Albion Public Schools was shut down, I  transferred to Marshall Middle School. I spent my 7th and 8th years there. My mother found a new job in Battle Creek, and we looked around for new schools.  Gull Lake offered the best education system and freshman year, I attended Gull Lake High School.


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