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Should rubber bullets be banned?

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With the increase of protests occurring in the United States, as well as the fact that France is facing its own violent riots, some may be wondering how people can protest at the threat of being pelted by rubber baton rounds, otherwise known as rubber bullets.

Rubber bullets aren’t actually made of rubber. They are made of a variety of polysynthetic materials and are only referred to as rubber bullets because they originally were made of rubber. The materials in them changed since  the speeds and momentum they were being shot bounced off of their targets with so much force that they injured bystanders as much as the ones being shot at. Now, these bullets no longer bounce.

Designed to cause things like contusions and hematomas, where blood is spilled and dried outside of the capillaries and veins upon impact, cases have shown that they can crack the skull and tear through layers of skin. This has led some people to question whether they should be banned or restricted for use by police at riots. However, if a protest is becoming violent, especially in situation where the police are outnumbered, they need some way to protect themselves.

While there are other means of self-defense s such as pepper spray or stun guns, those are meant for limited usage, have a shorter range than rubber bullets, and will need to be refueled or reloaded once used. In addition, these can also cause harm, often times worse, and therefore there is no alternative that effectively protects the police. In dangerous, high risk situations, the physical well-being of the officers are at risk.

Therefore, rubber bullets should stay as the primary self-defense mechanism used by the police forces until a safer and equally efficient alternative is discovered.


I am in 12th grade. I am a reporter for the magazine.


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