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Binder Park Zoo hunkers down for the winter

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As winter steadily moves in, Kalamazoo’s Binder Park Zoo prepares its exhibits for the cold. Many of the animals originate from much warmer climates; however, most of them do not mind the cold.

We have winter holding for all of our animals where we can give them the appropriate temperatures and shelter that they need,”  Binder Park Zoo’s Kathryn Sippel said. “For example people think about the lions needing warmer temperatures; however, they do enjoy the snow. So in the winter we will give them access to their exhibit and access to the heated indoor holding this way they can make the choice of where they want to be.”

The peacocks also have a love for the snow. Seeing as they are mostly independent creatures and can be very difficult to catch, the peacocks prefer to spend the winter wandering around the zoo. The zookeeper’s set up a heat lamp and food dish in the train depot, but for the most part stay out of their way.

Another animal that may not behave how they would be expected to would be the bears. Most bears hibernate in the winter to conserve their energy, but the Binder Park Zoo’s do not. These bears were raised in captivity, where they have never experienced a winter where they do not have a warm place to sleep and plenty of food.


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