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Cyberpatriot Teams announce participation in the states competition

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2017’s team celebrating their acheivement of top 6 in state. Photo courtesy of Gull Lake’s Cyberpatriot team.

After winning two qualifying competitions, the Cyberpatriot team at Gull Lake High School will be participating in a state competition this Friday, January 11.

The competition will be done after first block online and is nation wide, but the teams will only be allowed to play against teams from Michigan.

The teams at Gull Lake High School are HydraTech, who’s captain is Reagan Jones, a senior and also the president of the club; Padumpa Tuna, who’s captain is senior Zachary Remeur, and CyberOps1, the members of which all happen to be freshmen, who’s captain is Liam Shahid.

Each team will be placed in a division based on well they do in the competition. The three divisions, from highest to lowest ranked are: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. HydraTech earned the Platinum division, while Padumpa Tuna earned the Gold division, leaving the freshman team in Silver Division.

“My team has made it to platinum tier, and we are entering the state round this Friday. I am excited because this is only year two and last year we placed top five,” said Raegan Jones.


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