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Reflecting on the later Winter Break

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Christmas is the perfect time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and watch some holiday movies! Photo credit to Pixabay user jill111jill111 / Pixabay

Now that GLHS’s two-week-long Winter Break is over, it’s time for students to start off the new year. However, the beginning of the break seemed to be too close to the 25.

While the school’s calendar lists the beginning of the break as Monday, December 24, which was Christmas Eve, it essentially began on Saturday, December 22 because that was the weekend after the last day of school. Still, this left Christmas Day a mere three days of Winter Break before Christmas Day. As a result, someone like me, who has divorced parents and multiple other people to visit, ended up scrambling to fit everyone into those three days and having to leave houses of friends and relatives sooner than intended―and I still couldn’t get to everyone in time for Christmas. A few friends and family members even accused me of showing favoritism.

Starting break so close to the holidays also means that we return to school later. All of the energy from the holiday season has drained out of the students by then, leaving everyone lethargic and exhausted during the first week back at school.

While it could be said that starting so late allows for extra consecutive time in class, this tends to be irrelevant as those things will be forgotten quickest.

Winter Break starting so close to the holidays was detrimental to both students’ enjoyment of the holidays and their academic performance  and it threw a major wrench into many students’ plans.


I am in 12th grade. I am a reporter for the magazine.


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