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GLHS Winter Guard suffers drop in participation

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Last year, Gull Lake High School boasted a competitive winter guard of 10. However, this year there were only three official members. With only three members, the guard is unable to participate in Michigan Color Guard Circuit competition and  not recognized as an official team.

According to a former color guard member, the reason is for the most part finacial.

“Last year it cost $120, and we never competed. This year it was anywhere between $125 and $275, and we still can’t be given dates or competitions. I just can’t afford it,” the member says.

Practices also did not occur on a regular bases and were frequently cancelled.

“It was too stressful to keep changing my schedule on the fly and drop other activities I loved. I just had to take a step back,” the member said.

With such a small Winter Guard, members can’t help but wonder if there will be a competitive marching guard.

“Winter guard is when we recruit next year’s marching guard and train them. With no Winter Guard, I don’t know how we will get people interested,” the member says.

This isn’t the first time the winter guard has seen a drop in participation. Like most sports though, it is not uncommon for participation to vary from year to year, but this year is the first time the guard has been unable to compete in five years.

“ I remember a time when we had 22 people on marching guard (which tends to be larger), and this year we had half that number. I honestly don’t know what is going to happen,” the member said.


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