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Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse is on of the best films of the year

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I’ve never really been the biggest fan of the marvel franchise; I wasn’t impressed by Infinity War, I thought Black Panther was fine, and I think they’re movies a just cash grabs and don’t really have any substance. The point of the fact is, I had very low expectations going into Spider Verse. Sure, lots of my friends had told me it was really good, and it was receiving tons of buzz, but don’t all Marvel films? The only interesting aspect of the film to was that it was animated, and was hoping that would elevate the film past Marvel’s usual schlock.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse follows a teenager named Mile Morales as he tries to come to terms with becoming the Spiderman of his universe, while trying to help out some alternative versions of the web-slinging hero. The film has received high praise, with an 87 on Metacritic and a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus saying “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse matches bold storytelling with striking animation for a purely enjoyable adventure with heart, humor, and plenty of superhero action.”

Photo of the promotional poster for the film. Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures.

I brought my little brother along with me because he was also interested in the movie and I figured he would prefer it over the loud and bombastic Aquaman film my parents and sister were going to go see. We got pretty decent seats in the back row (as most of the theatre was sold out) and had ordered some hot dogs to munch on during the movie. My first reaction to the movie was beautiful the animation was. It was some mix between comic style drawings with 3D technology that didn’t make it obvious it was 3D.

As a whole, this is probably one of my favorite of 2018, and I weirdly watched a LOT of movies this year. While it doesn’t have the comedic feel of Eighth Grade or the suspense of Hereditary, Spiderverse was one of the few movies that just made me feel like a little kid again. I felt like I was eight years old and was watching a stereotypical Disney film, but better.

Something I would like to point out is that I never really had any interest in Spiderman or any of the character’s films. I still haven’t bothered to watch the Tom Holland Spiderman, mainly because I think it looks dumb and just like any other superhero film being processed for us. The greatest thing about Spider Verse was that it wasn’t trying to connect itself to some overarching narrative, and that was different from any Marvel film I’d seen.

One of the biggest problems I have with Marvel is that I feel that all their movies follow the same formula, and that don’t take risks and are devoid of any type of emotion; But, I guess that’s what happens when Disney buys your whole company. Spider Man’s story not only took considerable risks and actually made me empathetic of the character’s struggles, but I also genuinely related to the story and the character in it. Miles Morales isn’t Peter Parker, he actually feels like a genuine teenager, and the movie really sets up that vibe from the get go. Miles as a character isn’t perfect: He has trouble in school, he gets stressed out easily, he has issues with his parents, and he actually looks like a teenager (which is in part because of it being animated, but I don’t care.)

The story as a whole, is really unique in the fact that the film involves the concept of alternate universes, which I don’t think I’ve seen in a movie of this caliber before. Giving the audience all these different Spiderpeople(?) helps create an interesting relationship between them and Miles, as they act as his mentor and superiors at the same time. They try to “show him the ropes” for the whole first part of the movie, but when it comes to it, feel as if he isn’t ready to handle the responsibility yet. His relationships with Old Peter and Gwen are particularly interesting, but I can’t divulge into them as their are spoilers involved.

The Voice Acting in the movie is on some of the greatest I’ve seen throughout the year; While The Incredibles sequel was great, this movie passes it by leagues. Shameik Moore does a great job of showing the internal turmoil of Miles and his struggle to really feel accepted as a Spiderman. My favorite scene is the penultimate one with Miles and his Dad, in which both actors give great performances and really convey a complex and nuanced father-son relationship. The ensemble of the movie also does a stellar job, with particular props to Jake Johnson and Hailee Steinfeld, who both bring a lot to their characters.

Some other really strong points of this movie are the Soundtrack and Animation style. I already mentioned the animation a little earlier in the veview, but I really can’t describe how cool this movie looked. Even just simple scenes of Miles traversing through New York are so fluid and beautifully rendered, that it made Disney look like a joke. There’s a scene where Miles jumps off a skyscraper down into the streets below, and I don’t kid you when I say that it’s probably one of the most mesmerizing sequences I’ve ever seen in any movie, ever.

The soundtrack for the film is mostly comprised of rap music, which I’ve never been to interested in. I found modern rap to be void of any intellectual stimulation, extremely annoying and conceited, or both. But, this movie uses it’s music so well with it’s story, that every time one of the songs popped up in the film, I was tapping my foot and genuinely enjoying the sound. I really appreciate that the filmmakers gave the artist freedom to create their own songs for the film that directly reflect what’s going in the story, as well as representing a whole bevy of different sub genres in hip hop, rap, and latino music. Also, the songs are catchy as hell, I’m even listening to one now.

After leaving the theatre, I was shocked when my brother wasn’t as ecstatic about the movie as I was. I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who just really enjoys watching good films, as well as seeing amazing animation and great voice acting. Even though the film is a cartoon, in layman’s terms, I think everyone will be able to enjoy it.

Samuel Tilbury

Hi, my name is Sam Tilbury and I'm a Senior at Gull Lake High School and the entertainment/opinion editor for the school's newspaper. I'm the only student in our grade that's been apart of Newspaper all three years, and I'm very excited to start my final year on staff! I really enjoy writing reviews, and voicing my opinions.


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