Gull Lake powerlifting presents opportunity for athletes

The Gull Lake powerlifting team takes on a competition Feb. 17. Photo courtesy of Randy Hunt

Gull Lake High School’s powerlifting club, ran by coach Randy Hunt, is nearing the end of its scheduled competitions. The club, which was established two-to-three years ago, has found success in competitions this year.

Powerlifting competitions consist of three different exercises: bench, deadlift and squat. Each athlete competing gets three chances to participate in an attempt to lift the most weight possible. In this aspect, an athlete is competing against themselves and others present at the competitions.

On February 17, the team participated in a competition in which athlete Makenzie Wank was first in her weight class and fellow athlete Kevin Hook was fifth in his weight class. Of the four athletes that participated that day, eight of them had set personal records.

On February 23, the team participated in their third competition, which athlete Nate Willard taking first in his weight class and setting a personal record. Fellow athletes Kevin Hook and Nolan Fraaza were also present at the meet, with Fraaza setting two personal records.

For those looking to join, one can expect to compete with a close knit group of athletes that are focused on pushing themselves to be their best.

“I decided to join because many of my fellow friends and athletes said I could excel at it, and also because I enjoy weightlifting,” said senior Nate Krawcyk.

Beyond competing for the powerlifting club, the conditioning that comes from training two to three days a week provides an excellent base for spring sports. If an athlete plans on competing on teams such as tennis, softball or track and field, powerlifting acts as a way to both compete during the winter months while also getting into shape for spring sports that are fast approaching.

While powerlifting will soon come to an end, the states competition is taking place in the next week or two, the opportunity to begin training for a spring sport or get into shape for a healthier lifestyle is present and waiting. Coach Hunt has previous experience in running the club while also coaching the Gull Lake cross country and track teams.

For those who are interested in the club, powerlifting has training in the high school weight room after school on Tuesdays and Fridays.

“It mainly consists of heavy weight training, and can consist of anywhere from one to three practices a week,” said Krawcyk.

Readers can follow the link here to learn more about powerlifting and its respective competitions.

Justin Walker

Justin Walker

I’m a senior at Gull Lake High School, and this is my first year on staff. I enjoy writing about our school sports’ programs and other areas as well. Having a deep interest and enjoyment in our English classes at Gull Lake, I’ve decided to pursue a different side of writing by doing newspaper and hope to provide entertaining articles for our viewers. Being involved in sports such as cross country and track, while also being invested to clubs such as Debate and Model UN, I write about topics that affect both myself and classmates.

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