High School cheating just keeps getting worse and here’s why

With the end of the trimester approaching, Gull Lake High Schoolers are rushing to save their grades (this author is no exception). However, that is not as hard as it sounds. As more and more advances are made to technology, it gets easier to cheat on schoolwork. Technology is a great tool to use when needing to gain further understanding on a topic, it is just as easy to research the answers to the exact question you are looking at.

One of the main causes of this is due to how much quicker it is to simply copy and paste an answer than to type out your own. Not only is it faster, but due to the amount of work an average teacher must grade, there is a fair chance you won’t be caught. There are plenty of websites geared specifically towards supplying answers to homework assignments and online classes. Websites such as Slander and BigIdeasMathSolutions are most frequently used when working on, you guessed it: Big Ideas Math. However, not even physical textbooks are safe. A simple google search yields results for downloadable version of the teacher copy of many of our textbooks.

Unfortunately, it isn’t even students who have spent the trimester slacking off of school work who do it. There are very few students in the high school who have not cheated on at least one assignment or test at some point in their high school career.

Many students at Gull Lake have a job or take college classes that restrict their already limited study time. This comes from the emphasis our school district has on retaining and reciting information. Little of the Michigan mandated curriculum allows teachers to teach topics that are applicable and interactive in their lives. The school curriculum is filled with required testing, much of which has a profound impact on a student’s future schooling. And technology makes it possible, but…

Technology has made it easier and easier to cheat, and with so much of education becoming virtual it has only gotten worse.



Alison Barnett

I am a senior who is involved in various theater companies and participates in Marching Band. I hope to go into Marine Biology and research the habits of sawfish.

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