Don’t Get Me Started #2- Bells

Welcome to the second feature of my blog, Don’t Get Me Started.

Today’s random word: Bells

Now folks, just don’t even get me started on bells: they’re loud, obnoxious and overly alarming.  Some cult worshipers have used these sinister contraptions in rituals and to each his own but really, using bells is just crossing the line. The aforementioned pear shaped apparatuses have been plaguing the earth since 1000 B.C., signaling such things as war, work/enslavement, mandatory worship, famine (think Monty Python’s classic “Bring out your dead!” and occasionally lunch, the worst of the three standardized meals. When I think of the word my immediate thoughts are mild indignation as well as “you’re a programmed zombie, walk to next class.”

A simple bell found in classroom
Photo Taken by Zach Zahrt

The installment of bells in schools is symbolically detrimental to students post secondary careers.  The strict “set in stone” schedule that is orchestrated by the ringing of either an electronic or metal (throwback) ring, is eerily similar to that of a detention center.  In some ways the bell is a way for faculty to assert dominance, smothering all hopes, dreams, and creativity that students may possess. As a result of the bell youth may be better prepared for participation in the prison system rather than the workforce.  

Bells may be one of the worst excuses for an instrument crafted by humans; if I had my way they would all end up like the Liberty Bell.

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Zachary Zahrt

This is my first year on The Reflection’s staff, currently writing in the sports’ section.  Outside of school, I am an avid reader of environmental and political articles. Being always up for a debate or any chance to make my opinion hear, I enjoy writing opinion pieces.  An avid fan of the Mola Mola Sunfish, I wish to pursue a career in the marine biology field. I look forward to uncovering the truth surrounding all the dirty deeds that go on around here.

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