Online Apps can make schooling more difficult with more choices

Advances in technology have helped humankind in a number of ways. They allow faster communication, generalized knowledge, and, perhaps one of the most eventful, virtualized schooling. Over the years, public schools have been steadily introducing more and more technology to their curriculum, allowing students to remain on-task even when they aren’t in school and giving teachers the freedom to not cart around boxes of paper assignments. However, like all good things, there are several drawbacks. No matter what site or app a class decides to use, there are always pros and cons.

Google Classroom

While Google Classroom is a genius invention that allows students to have a virtual classroom to submit assignments and receive notifications on upcoming projects, it also has many drawbacks. In the name of continually improving its products, Google often updates and renovates Classroom, which leads to much confusion when a student or teacher is trying to run a class. Over the past three months, Classroom has been completely renovated a handful of times, each one being very different than the previous version.

Khan Academy

Over the years, Khan Academy has lost its popularity, but it still remains a valuable part of schooling. It allows students to take and retake virtual lessons on a variety of topics for both school and fun. However, the tests and problems used on the site are often more complex than what was taught in the lesson and do not provide extra help, save for a sample problem with little information.


While Quizlet is a good source for quick flash card practice, the set-up is anything but quick. It can takes over an hour to set up a mere 30 words, and, even then, most of Quizlet’s learning games take far too long to run for a simple practice. has become a current favorite of English teachers in the Gull Lake High School, but although it is easy to set up, it is not very user-friendly. The site allows you to create vast vocabulary lists and record a score based on how well you know them, but the site likes to be confusing. provides a helpful list of assignments that you need to accomplish, but make it very difficult to accomplish them. It the computer falls into sleep mode while playing a game, it will switch over to daily challenge mode. Also, if a user has reached mastery of all words but continues to practice, the site will recycle words from another list, which is very likely to make the score plummet.

There is no app made for schooling that is perfect for all users, but they can still be employed in daily education.


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