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Price of college continues to rise at an unprecedented rate

With the upcoming graduation of the class of 2019, many students will begin pursuing their post-secondary educations. However, the incredibly high price of college pushes many students away. College prices are so high that most students are forced to take out student loans in order to pay for it. In fact, two thirds of all college students end up with student debt by the time they graduate, according to This causes many potential students to abandon the college dream in favor of getting a job and working their way up.

While this burden can be eased somewhat with financial aid and scholarships, these only contribute to a small amount of the money, with only 0.7 percent of students receiving full ride scholarships. 

In addition to this, all scholarships by default are limited in the amount they can give away and the amount of money they can hand out. Michigan also has a service called Tuition Incentive Program, or TIP. TIP allots a variable sum of money to students to cover for their first year. Student must meet certain perimeters first, such as financial aid.

All of this isn’t even taking into consideration things like the cost of room and board. Food cards help with the cost of eating but ramen noodles still remain the cheapest route. The books are also a major issue of expense, but thankfully there’s Books Amazon and Thrift Books that offer college textbooks at a lowered price. Lastly although community college is an inexpensive alternative to traditional colleges, it’s still costly.

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