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The contentious debate over Gull Lake’s mascot

Gull Lake’s Blue Devil mascot has undergone revisions to make it appear more like a “tasmanian” blue devil than the actual devil. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Jolin

When Gull Lake Community Schools were formed in the mid-1960s, the school committee decided that the school popular vote should decide the new mascot. All of the schools in the community were involved from the elementary to high school.

The top choices the students picked were from popular college teams and universities such as the Duke University Blue Devils and the Los Angeles Lakers.

However, controversy has followed the mascot for over 30 years in the Gull Lake community.

A group in the community opposed of the look of the Blue Devil mascot, taking the devil reference to the Bible. The city of Richland has strong religious ties with more churches than most other surrounding communities.

People might be surprised, though, to discover the blue devil mascot’s origin is more military and patriotic than religious.

In the podcast below, Caidyn Hutchinson and I explore the contentious history of the Gull Lake Blue Devil mascot and its significance.


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Sophia Christensen
Sophia Christensen
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One thought on “The contentious debate over Gull Lake’s mascot

  1. It’s funny listening to this cuz I’m one that grew up in Gull Lake with the original devil mascot and just before I graduated almost 26 years ago, the community had a controversy about it and it was someone in my class that drew up the current mascot to meet the more religious form people in the community!! As we graduated we then called it the Teddy Bear on Steriods! Since it was so close to graduation and just getting switched over, I ended up getting the original Devil on my class ring!!
    I personally was ok with the original Devil and don’t think we need to go through the chaos of having to change it again unless they were to bring back the original again!!

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