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School addresses increase in vaping in bathrooms

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Gull Lake Community schools already has Officer Adam Kelm looking over our safety, but with an increase in smoking and vaping in the bathrooms and with common the fear today of possible school threats what can be done to increase school safety.

One clear option would be for  Gull Lake hire more police officers for student safety and monitoring.

Gull Lake’s one school officer Kelm thinks that it would be helpful to have more than one.

“I think the district could be better served by more directed police presence,” Kelm said. “There currently are seven schools in the Gull Lake district spanning from Richland to Battle Creek that makes for some difficulty in maintaining effective policing. Plus the relationship building and positive police experiences would increase greatly.”

At a recent high school staff meeting, teachers were asked to step up and do regular monitoring in bathrooms for vaping and drug use.  The district has also posted a position for a full-time high school hall monitor.

As for using narcotic dogs as a deterrent, Officer Kelm also said increasing the narcotic dog searches at Gull Lake was “best used at the school discretion rather than having a regulated mandated amount. This allows for the school to adapt to the difficulties they are facing at the time. It also would be more predictable if the students knew there were five a year and only three were completed. They would be anticipating the last two.”

To be effective, the searches need to be done without advance knowledge to the student body, assistant principal Kris Simms said. 

“I believe that we could have more searches, if they were kept to a minimum of students getting that information,” he said. “If students did get that information, we could then just switch it up and change the dates.”

Another big problem Gull Lake and most other high schools has been vaping in the bathrooms–where high school students go between classes or during a class.

Kelm said the problem of vaping and drug use has definitely increased his workload and has taken him away from “being present in the school at key times.”

“It has affected me personally when I see kids that I have grown to care about hurting their future or extra curricular activities because of an easy preventable problems,” he said.

He said students need to realize that what they’re doing can affected their health and their academic careers or the extra curricular activities including sports or even student organized club events.



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