Captain Marvel empowers women and supplies laughs

Captain Marvel is the latest release from Marvel Studios, starring Brie Larson, Samuel Jackson, Clark Gregg and Ben Mendelsohn, among many others.

The film is set in the 90s and follows Vers, a warrior from the planet Kree who is unable to remember her past, as she becomes caught in the crossfires of a war between the Skrull (shapeshifting aliens) and the Kree (lots of different species of aliens who live on Kree, most of which are blue).

The war eventually makes its way to Earth, where Captain Marvel discovers who she was, who she is now, and what she stands for.

The latest Marvel release introduces the backstory of Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson. Photo courtesy of Flickr

Brie Larson does a brilliant job playing Captain Marvel; she realistically portrays her journey from not knowing her past to discovering the person she was. The film is full of other strong women as well, which is a big step in the right direction for pop culture.

The character of Captain Marvel is strong-willed, independent and adventurous—a great role model for young girls. In my theater, girls of all ages dressed up to see the film, and it’s an amazing and inspiring sight to see.

Ben Mendelsohn played Talos the Skrull general, and he was very charismatic in the role. I was unsure at first about his character, but around halfway through the film everything comes to light and he becomes a funny character that you can’t help but feel empathetic toward.

There are a lot of jokes in this film which gives it a lighthearted tone, somewhat similar to that of Guardians of the Galaxy. One of the running jokes in the film is about Nick Fury’s missing eye, which has a surprising origin.

On a related note, it is interesting to see Nick Fury—with two eyes, for that matter—as a lowly Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D and Coulson as a rookie. It provides the audience with a fresh perspective on these characters and shows their origins as well as Captain Marvel’s. Stan Lee also makes a charming cameo. Finally, there is Goose, who steals the show in every scene he’s in. Goose, the orange cat, is classified as “highly deadly.”

In summary, I enjoyed the film a lot. I thought the beginning was a little bit slow, but it handled the exposition nicely, and the rest of the movie made up for the early pacing. The movie did a great job introducing Carol Danvers; her interactions with the other characters were funny and let you get to know her character. While I wouldn’t classify it as a masterpiece, I would recommend watching Captain Marvel if you want some lighthearted laughs and a good story.

Sophia Christensen

Sophia Christensen

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