Connor McCormick: Gull Lake’s Epitome of Class

He’s already acquired strong resume and “007” level class. So it’s safe to assume that Gull Lake High School junior Connor McCormick  is surely an up-and-coming business prodigy. He has thrived in Michigan’s DECA chapter as an officer of the club and outside of the club in individual business ventures. However if you think Connor is strictly business all the time, then you are sorely mistaken. A man of many talents, McCormick is also a skilled athlete, occasional rapper and style icon.  

McCormick is an adventurous soul who enjoys travel. Michigan’s DECA chapter has offered many opportunities for Connor to explore further into new cities such as Detroit and Atlanta, while simultaneously improving his communication/business skills.

“DECA has made me want to study influencer marketing in the future,” McCormick said about how DECA has affected his plans for college and career.

This summer, Connor plans to attend leadership conferences in Dearborn and San Diego.

In McCormick’s most recent DECA outing, the DECA States Conference in Detroit, he ran for a position as one of eight Michigan State Officers. Running against many competitors, McCormick had been campaigning since the beginning of the school year.  As a result of his hard work and an impressive speech at the Conference (see picture 1 for his award), McCormick was successful and accumulated many votes from other Michigan chapters, and now holds the current office position as DECA state officer in charge of Public Relations.

With this position McCormick said his goals are to “create more a more personable relationship between state officers and members of Michigan DECA, increase networking between Michigan DECA chapter and increase community service in local chapters.”

Image 1: Connor McCormick and team accepting Medal at Detroit’s Cobo Center
Photo courtesy of Bailey Mougalian

Connor is both a talented marketer and style guru. He puts both attributes to use by buying limited edition Supreme (and other luxury brand) products immediately after they’ve launched for retail price, then selling them to turn a sizable profit after value has increased. This practice has no doubt had an effect on McCormick’s style as he often is seen walking through the Gull Lake hallways in some high quality fits (See image 2).

The key, according to McCormick, to his extremely stoked fits is, “colors that compliment each other and something unique that sets me apart.”

Certainly anyone who can rock striped pants without anyone questioning it, has some taste and class.

Outside of school, being the adventurous spirit he is, he said he enjoys driving places just for the fun of it such as a spontaneous road trip or an occasional stop at the highly praised WMU food spot Two Fellas Grill.

He said his favorite non-school related activities  are hanging out with friends, basketball, skiing and wake-surfing.

Image 2: McCormick seen wearing striped black and grey pants with a grey t-shirt
Photo taken by Zach Zahrt

One can only wonder as to how Connor fits everything into his schedule, between NHS, work, DECA, doing back-flips and hanging with the boys.  


Zachary Zahrt

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