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Vaping causes heart attacks

The new thing I see in everyone’s hands nowadays are vapes; they are taking over young people’s lives and causing them great risk for future health issues. 

The E cig is supposed to be helping people stop smoking, but people need to be careful about the impact this may have on their health.  

According to WebMD, vapes can cause 71 percent higher risk of strokes, 59 percent higher risk of heart attack or angina and 40 percent higher risk of heart disease. When vaping came out, it was intended to help cigarette smokers stop smoking, but, in reality, vapes are getting young teens addicted to using them, and leading them to cause great harm to their bodies.

“Vaping is a big problem in the community,” GLHS senior Alton Dillion said. “I see it all the time at stores, schools, and even restaurants; they are harmful to the bodies and can cause great danger.”

“I hate anything that you have to smoke into your body,” said GLHS [class] Devon Prather. “I feel you don’t have to smoke anything to help you, because, at the end of the day, you will cause some sort of problem.”

While there are many movements and commercials preaching to stop vaping, retailers continue selling them. That doesn’t make sense to me. The world will create a problem, then try to sell a solution that will never truly work. Vaping should simply be banned, because it only causes harm and risk. However, it takes more than just one voice to reach out and help the anti-vaping movement find success.


ravelle johnson

My name is Ravelle Johnson, I went to Albion Public Schools until 7th grade.  After Albion Public Schools was shut down, I  transferred to Marshall Middle School. I spent my 7th and 8th years there. My mother found a new job in Battle Creek, and we looked around for new schools.  Gull Lake offered the best education system and freshman year, I attended Gull Lake High School.


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