New to Netflix April 2019

The world of online streaming is always changing, especially with one of the most infamous companies, Netflix. In the month of April, viewers can expect to see a lot of new shows come in, a lot of shows and movies leave the platform.  

Movies expected to come out this April include cult classics such as All The President’s Men The Fifth Element, and The Intimidation Game.

Earlier in the year, Netflix made changes to not only the content itself but the way the website loads in. Photo by Caidyn Hutchinson.

Also, a large amount of Netflix Original movies will be releasing, one in particular is No Good Nick which follows the story of a family who have their lives shuffled around when a con artist teen girl shows up at their doorstep claiming to be a distant relative. Others include: Our Planet, Suzzanna: Buried Alive, The Silence, and Chambers

Not only are an array of movies getting added, but new shows are scheduled to not only have aired, but a grouping of new seasons for some already existing shows.

New shows include the launch of: Legacies, Luis Miguel- The Series and, Black Summer

A second season is expected for: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Samantha!, and The Protector.

However, to make room for the new shows and movies, some have to be removed. A total of 31 shows and movies will have to be told farewell. These will be movies such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars saga (The Clone Wars, The Clone Wars season 1-5, and Clone Wars: The Lost Missions), Heat, Happy GIlmore, and Silver Linings Playbook.

Although it can be upsetting to say goodbye to the movies and shows that we know and love, it is exciting to see what Netflix and bring to its customers next and what the company deems important to keep or remove to refresh the site.

For a full list of shows and movies getting added to Netflix visit Everything coming to Netflix in April- and what’s leaving

Caidyn Hutchinson

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