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Gull Lake Richland Elementary enjoys Ice Cream making

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On May 10, Gull Lake Richland Elementary’s First Graders had a lesson in ice cream making. The classes had gone to the Prairieview Dairy Farms the previous week and were using this chance to extend on what they learned previously.

The tradition was started 12 years ago and has continued since. Now the students learn how to make their own ice cream in an enrichment lesson that connects back to many parts of their curriculum.

Praireview dairy farm cow courtesy of Linda Barnett

“It’s a way to see the old fashioned way ice cream is made. How you can make ice cream yourself and not get it at the store,” said First Grade Teacher Peggy Kendrick.

The children in the first grade classrooms took turns lining up at the various stations where they would make ice cream. At the first station they would mix the ingredients needed for their ice cream, at the second they put the ingredients in a sealed bag surrounded by ice and rock salt before heading outside to mix it.

Many of the children found this experience enjoyable and used the outdoor time to meet with friends and the parents who volunteered to help out.

“It’s plain fun,” First Grade teacher Karen Koets said, as she directed the first graders around the playground.

Koets is one of the teachers who has been going on this trip the longest. It is well organized with many parents signing up to chaperone every year.

“And the kids love it,” Kendrick said.


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