Superintendent search drawing to a close

At Gull Lake High School, summer of 2019 approaches and classes are nearing completion. While the students are ready to forget the stress that comes with the education system, our school system is currently searching for a new superintendent for the district.

While this may not be news to many Gull Lake parents,  without a doubt many students may think the position is solely there to make snow day calls (myself formerly included).

For students like myself, I’d like to help us all become properly informed about the importance of this job selection. I spoke with a KRESA (Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency) employee who’d previously been a team member of their superintendent hiring team.  

Gull Lake High School photo taken by Olivia Sullivan

Q: What character traits are looked for in a superintendent prospect?

A: “We look for integrity, we look for a great collaborator, but above all else we look for someone who has a passion for helping students learn, grow, and succeed.”

Q: Besides the superintendent making snow day decisions, why should students care about this job appointment?

A: “Students should care about this appointment because this is the leader of the district who is not only responsible for the hiring of teachers who you spend your day with and what curriculum they teach you, but they are also responsible for keeping students safe so they can focus on learning and growing.”

Q: What job position do superintendents usually transition from (e.g. former principal, etc)?

A: Smaller districts may often hire principals to be their superintendents. Mid sized districts might hire an internal assistant superintendent or principal. They may also hire a smaller district’s superintendent. A large district would more than likely hire a proven superintendent from a mid-sized district. They would look for a track record of professional growth and a record of successful student growth including both academic and emotional growth.”

Former superintendent Chris Rundle was responsible for many major changes to the Gull Lake School District (some controversial in the education circles) including acquiring funding for virtual programs, EFE (Education for Employment) and EFA (Education for the Arts) programs, and dual enrollment programs with Western Michigan University and KVCC.

Since Superintendent Rundle retired from his position, Lisa Anderson has been serving as our interim Superintendent. Anderson is also one of the two remaining candidates (originally were four candidates) along with Raphael Rittenhouse.

Before Anderson was chosen as the interim superintendent, she was the assistant superintendent of finance and operations for the Gull Lake Community School District.

Rittenhouse is currently the superintendent at Iron Mountain Public Schools and was formerly the principle of Suttons Bay High School. Final interviews for this position were held Tuesday, May 28 and a final decision does not appear to be too far away.

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