Varsity football players view of 2019 progress

This past week I got to interview the varsity football players. I asked them questions about how they felt about their September 6 football game against Battle Creek Central. Also about how they were feeling about to play Loy Norrix, the team that beat them last year.

Almost all of the football players talked about how they were disappointed about losing their last game.

“I want to start this season off with a win,” Senior Nolan Fraaza said.

Junior Ben Glaspie talked about his love for the sport, how the team was a family, and how much he loved the team. He said that his favorite part about the sport was, “The brotherhood we form every year.”

Determined to come back from that disappointing loss against BCC, Gull Lake vs. Loy Norrix was an exciting game with an 80’s theme and a big win. The football team members hope for a big student section to continue to encourage them and pump them up.

Photo by: Syann Hollins Gull Lake vs. Loy Norrixs Varsity Football, 17-14 win for Gull Lake, Great school support
Syann Hollins

Syann Hollins

My name is Syann Hollins. I am a junior at Gull Lake High School, and I chose this class because I wanted to get better at videography and photography/photoshop. I enjoy writing, editing, and I also hope to improve those skills. I'm interested in writing about community activities and maybe a few sports.

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