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Gull Lake’s virtual school challenging even for the best students

Gull Lake offers tons of virtual classes for their student body to take and test out. With more detailed classes, this allows students to fine-tune what they would like to pursue, and find new things that they are in to. 

“They offer courses that are more specialized to your interests that aren’t offered at school,” said Sarah Donavon, a junior at Gull Lake High School. 

Students take numerous classes that are included in virtual seminar at Gull Lake. Above is the virtual class in session. Photo by Molly Clark

With additional courses being added, there has been a slight increase with how many students take these classes. Even though there are some really cool classes you can take, like Plant Systems, American Sign Language, and lots more, you need to be a driven student to do so. 

“If you don’t learn well through reading and have a hard time staying on track during class, then a virtual is not for you,” Donavon said. 

With no physical classroom teacher there, students have no one to push them along. This can lead to a virtual seminar becoming a social hour and then resulting in no work being completed or a time to complete other studies, which in turn causes some students to fall behind in their virtual classes and end up having to do more work at home. According to Inside Higher Ed, students who choose to take online classes instead of in-person classes have ended up having lower grades in their other traditional courses as well as the online classes.

Making sure that students are strict with themselves can help insure that they don’t fall behind in a virtual course.

Molly Clark

Hi! My name is Molly Clark and I'm a junior at Gull Lake High School. I enjoy writing, taking pictures and traveling. I would like to pursue writing and turn it into my profession.


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