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Gull Lake clubs give students variety of interest opportunities

Debate, PAC, Chess Club, Quiz Bowl, Model UN and Spanish. These clubs but a few of the clubs run by teachers and students who have an added interest in the world. For a couple of hours, they are usually once every week or every other week. Clubs can meet either at the high school, or somewhere local.

Performing Arts Company, or PAC, is a club that has students learn acting and performing arts correctly and confidently on the stage. They put on a show every fall and winter, then in the spring they do something called “Senior One Acts.” The company will have auditions for PAC’s first show on September 23 and September 24. 

Lisa Ouelette, the PAC director, says that the “Senior One Acts are very important for the seniors because it gives the seniors a chance to write and direct their own One Act.” The seniors in PAC get to do their own little show and it is a big deal because they get to show off what they have learned for the years that they were in PAC.

“It is very fun and you get to meet a lot of new people and make a lot of new friends,” said Delia Stark, who is auditing for PAC for the second year.

PAC Club on their annual Stafford Festival Trip (2018). Photo by Sam Tilbury

There were about 50 students in PAC last year.

“We were all really close and we had a lot of fun. Going to competitions in the winter was a really great bonding experience,” Stark said. 

Cordy Coville has been in Debate for going on three years.

“A lot of the reasons I like debate is because you get to travel,” Coville said. “You become close friends with the people in the club because there aren’t many people in it.”

In debate student’s spend a couple weeks writing speeches on a topic or the month, and on Saturdays they travel to places to compete with other schools. 

Overall, the students that are involved love cubs because of the sense of community and involvement in the school.

Nyla Stanley

Hi, I'm Nyla Stanley, and I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I have gone to Gull Lake since kindergarten. I play volleyball and soccer on my downtime when I am not doing my school work. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I joined newspaper because I feel like I go to a lot of events after school and in the community, so why not write about them in a class?


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