Kevin Meadows explains his role as gym teacher

Kevin Meadows is Gull Lake High School’s physical education teacher and the Middle School’s track coach. He teaches two classes as of right now, lifetime sports and sports class. 

Kevin Meadow’s Fourth hour Lifetime Sports class practices on September 18. Photo by Rylee Hovanec

His lifetime sports class has been doing pretesting, fitness testing and weight testing.

Throughout the year, the class lifetime sports plays different sports and goes to the weight room. Lifetime Sports teaches students such things as how rules to different sports differ and how to properly lift weights.

Meadows has taught a gym teacher for 22 years, giving him knowledge on how to best teach many sports to students.

Meadows said that he enjoys being a gym teacher because he “likes getting students to be active” and “to see what the outcome will be after it.”

He said that when you’ve been a gym teacher for a big part of your life, it becomes your life, and you work on becoming better and better every day.

Overall, he said he wants his student to be more active to keep in good health.

Rylee Hovanec

Rylee Hovanec

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I play volleyball, basketball, and I run track. I live with my mom, dad, and I have a cat. I enjoy playing sports and I have been playing them most of my life. I like to hangout with friends and family, watch TV/movies, listen to music and relax.

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