Varsity soccer coach Matt Strietel discusses his love for the sport

At Gull Lake High School, there are multiple sports teams like football, basketball, baseball, soccer and many more. Like any other high school sports there are freshman, junior varsity and also a varsity team. 

Matt Streitel has a lot of experience in coaching soccer, which is one reason he chose to be a coach. 

“I loved high school soccer. I was 18 when I started  soccer was what I knew, and I wanted to try and impact the guys that I was just playing with,” Streitel said. “I had a varsity coach that was a huge mentor for me, and I learned a ton that first year.”

Varsity coach Matt Striedel at Gull Lake soccer and football field at recent home game, September 5. Photo by Rylee Hovanec

Although Streitel has always had a passion for soccer, once he decided he didn’t want to play anymore, he said he decided to help other people follow their dreams with coaching soccer. 

¨Keeping the chemistry of the team and making sure we ́re working together as a team,” he said. “There is a lot of different personalities out there, so that tends to become difficult at times.¨ 

Streital said that he loves that he gets to make a positive impact on the high school students.

Chelsey Schram

Chelsey Schram

I am currently a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I chose to join newspaper because I have always wanted to create something for the whole school to see, and this class was the best option for me. Altogether, I think it will be a fun class. I have been at Gull Lake since third grade. I have three older brothers. I have played basketball for eight years, freshman year was my last year of playing. I also played volleyball for one year in seventh grade. I love listening to music (mostly pop and rap). I also love hanging out with friends and family.

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