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What Gull Lake’s new superintendent wants for our school’s future

As many know, Gull Lake has a new superintendent in the school district this year. Raphael Rittenhouse has taken over the role of Chris Rundle, who retired as superintendent last year.

Superintendent Raphael Rittenhouse Courtesy of Gull Lake Schools

Rittenhouse has been the superintendent since June 1.

Rittenhouse has experience with being a superintendent and spent four years working at Iron Mountain Public Schools. Rittenhouse moved here because he had known people who worked here and kept running into them. 

Rittenhouse said he really likes the “very strong community presence,” and how there is a “lot of involvement.”

He said his plans for the future of Gull Lake Community Schools would be communicating with other schools in the area and try to get a centrally located Education for Employment (EFE). He believes that students that cannot drive themselves to an EFE should still have that privilege that our school gives the students. He also wants to see the school system continuing with having the best thinking at the very top. 

Rittenhouse said he has really liked how the Gateway Academy is underneath the administrative building and how it gives every student the best the School Board can so they succeed to their best ability. 

Rittenhouse said he has enjoyed his experience at Gull Lake Community Schools. He enjoys the new and future additions that are making their way into the schools. He believes we are doing what’s best for the community and future students. 

Nyla Stanley

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