Ups and downs of taking language classes

There are many forgien foreign language classes to choose from here at Gull Lake high school.Learning languages not only boost my knowledge, but you are able to serve our country, and it helps when i would like to travel somewhere.

In high school, one needs a certain amount of types of credit to graduate taking  a foreign language is one of those requirements. If not fluent then at least students get to know the basics of the language. According to  ̈Bilinguals have better problem-solving skills, as well as improved memory, concentration, and mental flexibility ̈. This statement makes sense because learning a foregin language when i only know one language is hard enough, especially as a high school student. 

You are able to serve the country when you have the foregin language knowledge only because you travel to different parts of the world to fight. It helps knowing another language because if the fight has ended or before the fight when to start.

The most important reason to take a foreign language class is because if I need/want to travel, then I should probably know some of that language to get to destinations. For example, where to eat, where the hotel is, ask someone what time it is, and if I get lost, I can talk to someone that isn’t good at your first language so then you can get help.

Schools in Michigan require students to take some sort of language class, from Spanish all the way to Latin. Learning a new language can be a difficult task for many students. Learning a new language has many benefits such as learning about cultures, makes traveling easier and communicating better with foreigners. But, there are many cons when it comes to learning and studying a language. 

The difficulty of taking the class may depend on what level and language you are taking. Many languages have different systems of grammar than English, making it hard to completely understand. I took French, and the conjunctions never had any pattern that made sense to me. Learning the new grammar system took a lot of hard work and time from me. That goes with learning any new task. Not only learning the grammar system I had to learn the new vocabulary which was around 2000 or more words which, is a lot of words to learn within a short period of time.

My language was my least favorite class last year. I felt forced to learn something I was extremely uninterested in. I knew I didn’t want to be fluent in the language, and I knew I wouldn’t get there either. Not one time have I ever heard someone say that they were excited to learn a new language. The work to get to being fluent is very stressful. I watched peers who take Spanish pull out a five-inch stack of flashcards to study them, I couldn’t imagine that stress.    

Some jobs require one to know one or many languages, most do not. Taking a language class seems useless especially if I won’t use a foreign language in my career. If I wasn’t interested in traveling to other countries, I might not even get to speak with the natives. These elements make taking a language class useless to my future. 

I believe the state should allow us to choose if we want to take a language class. I feel forced to take the class I won’t use and uninterested in. The class gives me, and other students the same, unneeded stress, especially when I could focus on other subjects useful in my future.

Chelsey Schram

Chelsey Schram

I am currently a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I chose to join newspaper because I have always wanted to create something for the whole school to see, and this class was the best option for me. Altogether, I think it will be a fun class. I have been at Gull Lake since third grade. I have three older brothers. I have played basketball for eight years, freshman year was my last year of playing. I also played volleyball for one year in seventh grade. I love listening to music (mostly pop and rap). I also love hanging out with friends and family.

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