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Online classes add challenges for students with risks and rewards

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Gull Lake has lots of different opportunities for its students to learn what they want to do and what they like best. With the welcoming of online classes, students have virtually endless courses to take through these systems. There are EFEs online along with EFAs. Michigan Virtual and Odysseyware are also programs that offer online classes. Because these classes are online-based, there are no teachers to push students along, meaning someone can quickly get behind in the class. This leaves many students with lots of work to do to get back on track.

What does a virtual class look like in school? These classes are called “seminars” where 30-40 students are all sitting independently working on their own classes

With being able to work at your own pace, this prompts some students to get quickly behind. If their pace is cramming it all into one night, then they will really fall behind. It is very important for students to stay up to date with their classes and turning assignments in on the recommended deadline.

According to Lisa Knowles from Boston’s University, adjusting to a learning management system and other technology used in online learning can be difficult for students to use. Ways to get back on pace can be talking to the instructor, reaching out to other students, and getting yourself reorganized.

If in a virtual class with someone who is taking the same class, check in on each other and make sure you’re both on track. In a typical class students can choose to join into a discussion or not. If you don’t have a lot to say or don’t fully understand what is happening then you could sit close As we learn more about online classes, there have been more ways to prevent students getting behind like, having due dates that are required to be met like in normal schools. This deducts points from the students assignments to push them to get the work done to insure full points. 

Another con is not being able to see the teacher in person everyday. Not everyone can read off of a screen and understand directions. For example, junior Ellie Danger, at Gull Lake High School said students struggle with “reading information from a screen and retaining it quickly.”

“Sometimes if I don’t understand the assignment or a certain question. I assume instead of emailing the teacher and waiting for an answer,” she said.

Some students might need a drawn out diagram or a different way of showing it to them. We all have different learning styles, and online learning can be difficult because most of the work and directions that are given are read from the screen. 

When a student isn’t able to see a teacher, this leads to another problem: answering questions. When in a normal class and students  have a question and simply raise their hands or talk to the teacher after class about the question. With online courses, students have to email the teacher and sometimes that can take a couple hours to a day for the teacher to give a response. This also can be frustrating because if the teacher  doesn’t understand the question, then students have to contact them again, which takes even more time. With less face-to-face interaction between the students and the teacher, this makes creating relationships harder for the students. This creates a “monologue not a real dialogue” in the learning environment.

Although computers and online classes is possibly where education may be  headed, this can potentially drain a students social life. 

“I would recommend that you try to take one in your high school career because it is a different way of learning and is really good for some students,” Danger said. 

Some cannot socialize with friends while getting their online work done so they have to seclude themselves to get it done. If you have two or more online classes then you won’t be able to talk to others as much leading you to being very lonely in school.

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