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The Reflection

Are cell phones beneficial for Gull Lake students?

In 2015 all of the high schoolers had iPads. There was a bit of conflict because most of the high schoolers did not like it because it was hard to write essays, and keep up with class work. As time passed, the Gull Lake staff realized that many of the students used the provided tablets irresponsibly to play games and use social media. 

One of the drawbacks or benefits depending on how a person uses an iPad is that it’s a common type of mobile device. Because of this, many students used the iPad when it was the one-on-one device for non-school related communication and game playing. Consequently the students never pulled out their phones in class. They could just use the iPads that were allowed in the classes, and teachers wouldn’t know if they were on social media or not. The main reason the iPads were discarded was because Chromebooks are easier to use to write essays and type assignments. Gull Lake staff figured getting laptops would be more beneficial. While Chromebooks are used in the school now, they don’t totally prevent the students from playing games or getting on certain social media, more modern day technology helps with that.

Fast forwarding to today, the technology is a lot better which in turn has caused the school to have a better firewall. A firewall prevents unauthorized activity and access. This allows many non-educational or inappropriate sites to be blocked on the schools computers and laptops by Lightspeed. The same thing goes for other technology that may be brought from home when they’re connected to the school wifi/ internet connection. A lot of today’s students just use their own data from their cell phone provider. This gets them around the firewall and into areas at school that they shouldn’t be accessing during school time.

In my opinion, Gull Lake High School’s cell phone policy is very acceptable, and the students should realize that it’s the best for themselves, and the school. According to College Simply, in  2015-2016, Gull Lake was ranked the 283 best school in Michigan, while the schools population was 997 students. Keep in mind that this was before the advanced technology, and technology restrictions came into play. From the school year 2018-2019, the school was ranked 118th in Michigan, and sixth in Kalamazoo Michigan Metro Area. Gull Lake’s restrictions and stricter technology policies make learning possible. We have surpassed 165 schools in just two  years. 

The amazing progress that GLHS has made in only four years is remarkable. Even though the policy is becoming a little more strict in the school, it is all for a great cause and will turn out great, not only for the students, but the school will also benefit in the end. I hope to see Gull Lake possibly reach top 100 in Michigan by the end of the school year to show our progress and that the technology changes really are paying off.

Gull Lake School Ranking in 2015/2016

Gull Lake School Ranking in 2018/2019

Shamiel Hollins

Hello, I am Shamiel Hollins I am a senior at Gull Lake High School. I've been going to Gull Lake since the seventh grade and have always played sports for Gull Lake since. I like to stay physically involved in many extracurricular activities in and outside of school.


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