Pros and cons of listening to music during class

Listening to music can help students focus

Recently, there has been argument on whether or not music is good to work with in the classroom. Some think that music music helps students focus, while others think that it is too distracting.

According to Safe Supportive Learning, music during class can reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, help children regulate emotions, improve concentration and enhance the way children process language and speech. Also, exposure to music can improve the learning taking place. This can also lead to a positive atmosphere in the classroom. Active engagement with music can help with how our brains process information, which improves how we communicate with others and improves how we learn.

Florida National University reported that according to the UMD Medical Center, music is an effective stress reducer. 

Also according to the Florida National University, music can reduce test anxiety, improve performance in class, and improves brain functions.

By Kayla Hampton

Listening to music can cause distraction

According to The Phoenix, having music in class can cause problems also. Music can make the student not listen to the teacher, and distract the other students around too. Music can block out information given to the student and them not hear or recall the information. 

Music in class is too distracting for the students to pay attention and get assignments done, or study for upcoming tests.. The student may claim to understand and then completely forget.

Also according Uni Places, listening to music while doing work can also make you lose concentration and do worse studying and on tests. 

By Michael Hamp

Kayla Hampton

Kayla Hampton

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I had been at Gull Lake since kindergarten, then I moved to Portage Central Middle School in seventh grade. I moved back to Gull Lake halfway through eighth grade. I play volleyball, and I have been playing for five years. I run track events, and I am trying out for basketball this year. I have only played basketball one year, and that was in 7th grade. I like to listen to music and hangout with friends and family.

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