It: Chapter 2: Well developed remake and sequel of Chapter 1

Since I liked the first It movie, and the It movies from the 90s, I decided to go see the new IT: Chapter 2. It was a movie with many jump scares. A trick to expecting jump scares is that when the movie gets very quiet, and nothing seems to be happening, then a jump scare is close. I personally am not that afraid of jump scares because most of the time I can tell when they are coming. But, this movie still scared me sometimes and I jumped a little.

This movie was different from the first one because all of the kids from the Loser’s Club are all grown up, and have left Derry to move on in life. But, they come back to Derry after about 27 years when Mike calls all of them to tell them that Pennywise has been spotted in Derry. Knowing that Pennywise has been spotted in Derry made me feel a little annoyed but scared at the same time. I was annoyed because Pennywise causes so much trouble for the Loser’s Club, and he’s back again to terrorize them. I was scared because I didn’t know what was going to happen. 

Mike also reminds everyone about the promise that they had all made as kids, which was that they would still be there for each other when they needed it. 

The Loser’s Club meets again, and they catch up with each other, which I liked. It was interesting to see them all together but older. They are missing one member of the club. Everyone is confused at first, but they all move on.

They have flashbacks from when they were younger every time they go somewhere where they used to hang out when they were kids.

Each character meets It at different times when It takes shape in each of the characters’ worst fears, similar to when this happened in the first movie. This part of the movie got pretty intense and scary.

They piece together clues to find Pennywise and how to get rid of this monster. At the end, everyone can live in peace and happiness because the terror from It is now gone.

I am a fan of horror movies, and since I have already seen the first It movie, I liked this movie even more. Scary movies don’t keep me up at night, but if you are not a big fan of jump scares or gruesome images, I would not suggest seeing this movie. Or, if you still would like to see it, I would advise you to watch with caution.

If you would like more information about It Chapter 2, visit the It: Chapter 2 IMDb

Picture of Pennywise with a balloon. Courtesy of Pixabay.
Kayla Hampton

Kayla Hampton

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