With 3 wins and 2 losses, what’s next for JV Football?

JV Football Scrimmage against Lakeview September 19, 2019 (see Reese Hamlin, number 7, right)
Photo by Katelyn Howard

Gull Lake JV football players, are ready to win. After a total of five games,the team has brought home three victories, defeating Portage Central ( 25-21), Battle Creek Central ( 16-0) and Watervliet ( 42-6). Their only two losses have been to Lakeview (0-30) and Edwardsburg (0-54).  

“Our hardest opponent so far has been Lakeview. They were good,” Reese Hamlin said. 

The next opponent is  Waverly High, and it’s a home game.  

“I’m feeling excited because the team is going to have to work hard,” said Hamlin.

However, Hamlin said football isn’t just about the wins and losses for him.

“Before season I look forward to being with the team, we’re like a family,” said Hamlin. “I trained this whole summer and winter.” 

Hamlin also said that motivation plays a big role in how he plays especially since next year he’s looking toward being on the varsity team. 

“What motivates me is varsity” he said. “It helps to have a crowd. It makes us more hyped and excited when we have a crowd.” 

According to Hamlin, the Blue Devil’s hope to see more in the stands at their next game this Thursday at home vs. Waverly High at 5:30 p.m.

Hazel Bigelow

Hazel Bigelow

Hi, my name is Hazel Bigelow. I am currently a sophomore at Gull Lake. It is my second year in the Gull Lake Community Schools. I moved to Richland from Grand, Rapids when I was eight years old. Besides newspaper I am also a member of the Environmental Club and the track team. I am super adventurous and outdoorsy. I love fashion and sports and am interested in going into the business world after highschool. I also have a love for traveling and trying new foods and activities.

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