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Transportation for EFE’s should be supported for all EFE classes

During the School year many high school students apply for EFE classes. An EFE class is something that students  have to get accepted into by the teacher or leader of the class. Many schools have transportation to and from off-site classes depending on the time. Many students that take EFE classes apply for the class knowing they’d be able to drive themselves, and then there’s the other half that transportation for class should be supported for all classes of the kids who get accepted into the class and have no idea how they’d get to it.

When students drive or have reliable transportation, it puts less stress on the teachers, students, parents and bus drivers. EFEs are classes that other school districts may not participate in. These classes give students an opportunity to be able to find something that they would possibly want to do in the future.

It’s an advantage for students to learn by hands on in animal technology, arts and design career skills, as well as, mechatronics engineering, professional health science, welding and more. With over 31 classes in the the KRESA EFE program located in Kalamazoo County, taking one of these many classes gives  students the opportunity to learn about skills not offered in high school. 

A lot of students and students’ parents underestimate the EFE program and don’t understand what it could do for their child. If a lot of the students understood the impact that these classes would put on their children, transportation wouldn’t be a problem at all. As long as their student is getting the opportunity to excel in his or her grade, many students would be getting to class just fine.

For the students who do not have transportation to, and/from the EFE classes, this creates a problem. Students who don’t have the ability to transport themselves to their class have a reason. It’s possible that they may not be responsible enough to drive, or their parents may have fear of them driving without supervision, or they themselves may not want to drive. There are many possibilities, but this is when the bus drivers come into play. Bus drivers need at least a minimum number of students to ride the bus and they cannot be late. If students aren’t there, it’s not feasible to run the bus.

If student is late for more than three days in a row then the bus route for their location is cancelled and will not be put back on according to Kris DeRyder the KRESA EFE Transportation coordinator. DeRyder also said that if there is any disorderly conduct that should not be going on like smoking, fighting, drug use, profanity, or breaking of any other rules in the schools code of conduct, then the students will be suspended from the bus. KRESA also has the ability to suspend them from their home schools bus. Unfortunately there are many students who just break the rules and do not care.

EFEs are beneficial classes and students who want to take advantage of the opportunity should be supported by the school. If the students follow the rules, they should be offered them the same opportunities as students who can drive to the classes.

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