Volleyball teams reflection on the season

In past years, the Blue Devil volleyball program has always gone far and had been very successful. This year is looking just as promising as the years in the past. The varsity team has not lost any conference games, along with the freshmen team. The J.V. team lost to one of their rivals, the Battle Creek Lakeview Spartans. 

When asked how they feel about the season so far, freshman player Abbie Sexton says “It’s been going well… We’ve been winning, it’s been fun.” Sexton is a defensive specialist for the freshman team which means she digs the hits from the opposing teams.

“It’s been pretty good, the coaches are really good,” freshman Grace Wood said. “We’ve been doing pretty well in all of our games so far.”

The Freshmen team has been going strong and have only lost to Hudsonville. To prepare for the game against Battle Creek Lakeview would practice a lot and warm up as a team.

“We kind of found their weaknesses and used them against them in the game,” Wood said.

The freshmen team took another win in the books after a hard-fought game. 

“Were doing good, but there’s room for improvement,” freshman Elle Green said. “My team is very strong athletically, but when we lose the point, our excitement goes down the drain. We need to keep our energy up through the game.”

At Gull Lake, volleyball is taken seriously.

“I expect our team to keep growing closer and working hard to win and have fun at each and every game,” said junior Mia Green. “I think we will go far in postseason but that all depends on our work ethic and team bonds.” 

Nyla Stanley

Nyla Stanley

Hi, I'm Nyla Stanley, and I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I have gone to Gull Lake since kindergarten. I play volleyball and soccer on my downtime when I am not doing my school work. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and listening to music. I joined newspaper because I feel like I go to a lot of events after school and in the community, so why not write about them in a class?

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