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KAMSC and Gull Lake students find balance in their work

Mural in the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center. Photo by Claire Flynn

Approximately 21 students at Gull Lake are also students at the Kalamazoo Area Mathematics and Science Center, or KAMSC for short. 11 of these are freshmen who have just started in the program. This institution near downtown Kalamazoo offers the opportunity for students to challenge themselves in new ways. The classes center around accelerated math, science and technology while the students spend half the day there and the other half at Gull Lake.

Often times the amount of homework from each institution varies and students who attend both have to find a balance between their time.

“I actually don’t have a lot of homework from Gull Lake since I’m only taking electives here at the moment,” freshman Claire Flynn said. “But if I do have any I make sure not to favor KAMSC over Gull Lake because it’s important to do well at both schools. Even if the workload is bigger from KAMSC.”

Even with the opportunities that KAMSC can offer, it can be difficult to balance the workload that comes from attending two different educational institutions. Many students that attend both often feel the need to dedicate an even larger portion of their time specifically to school matters.

“I always start with the hardest and most time-consuming homework I have, which is different from what a lot of people do,” Flynn said. “But I know I need to finish it and make deadlines for it.”

Being organized plays a large part in students’ success, especially when they need to plan out a timeline for their work. KAMSC often has research projects or lab nights that require a different approach than regular homework. In this case, time management is a priceless skill.

“I split it up so I do a little bit every night for big projects. Even if I don’t want to, I know I have to.”

Students are admitted to KAMSC if they score high enough on the placement test that is mainly offered to kids going into freshman year. Students older than freshmen can also apply, but it is less common. KAMSC is an option for people who want to challenge themselves in a different atmosphere than Gull Lake. If you would like to learn more, click the KAMSC website link here.

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