The science department dresses for Halloween theme week

The homecoming football game is this Friday, October 18. To get ready for the game, Gull Lake Schools had a theme week. Starting on Monday for the Highschool was pajama day followed by a blackout, Tik Tok day, dress up for Halloween, and then spirit day. The Highschool school got good results from the students and the teachers.

The science department came together for Thursday and dressed up. This is the first year, with this staff, the science department came together and used these costumes. 

The science department at Gull Lake High school wearing Thursdays Homecoming theme costume: The teachers involved were Paul Schillio, Jeremy Cronk, Melanie Alpuche, Anne Flynn, Peter Santa Maria and Beth Rhodes.
photo by Mariah Harney

The hockey jerseys were bright orange with an atom with the word chaos in the middle. On the bottom and top of the atom, the words team entropy is bolded. Melanie Alpuche and Beth Rhodes had the words on the back of the hockey jersey. 

Entropy means the lack of order and which can cause chaos. High entropy means more chaos, more of a disorder which is what the science department is for. Low entropy is very organized and ordered, which is not what their costumes represent. 

“Entropy is like your bedroom if you don’t put energy into it the mess will increase,” science teacher Paull Schillo said.

Entropy really goes with the concept of chemistry. If you increase the temperature the more entropy you will have because the particles will be more spaced out and moving faster. If you decrease the temperature the less entropy there will be and the particles will compact more orderly. 

Mariah Harney

Mariah Harney

Hey! my name is Mariah Harney I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. This is my first year being apart of the Reflection staff, and I couldn't be more excited! I love sharing my thoughts on environmental issues. outside of school, I love to play soccer and basketball. I also have a pretty creative side to me from writing to painting.

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