Gull Lake’s newest ELA Teacher, Raymond Antel, is remodeling teaching

Raymond Antel is Gull Lake High School’s newest English Language Arts teacher who is reinventing education. His unorthodox yet approachable teaching methods should be inspirational to other educators.

Through a survey among Gull Lake High School students, Antel is an accepting and open-minded individual.

“He walks the fine line between being an authoritarian figure and being someone I felt I could talk to,” said one student of Antel’s, freshman Mikayla White.

His teaching methods and techniques engages his students, he asks questions and has them share topic ideas at the beginning of classes which makes the classroom experience an engaging environment.

“I strive to influence others to achieve their goals and aspirations,” Antel said.

Raymond Antel teaching his fourth-hour class at Gull Lake High School. Photo by Katelyn Lord

An ounce of Antel’s humor helps students grasp the material better than a pound of strict teaching.

Antel said he works to think of innovative ideas and is willing to entertain new ideas or try new things. He is continually coming up with creative ways to help his students understand, internalize and remember what he is teaching.

“If we are going to take a test, instead of taking a multiple-choice or essay test, my kids do a project that applies to real-life,” Antel said.

Although Raymond Antel has only an hour a day with multiple classes of 30, he aspires to make a positive impact on every student individually.”I like to not only talk about what is going well but what is important or serious that we need to talk about or work through,” Antel said.

Antel seems to be comfortable with himself and reflects this towards his students, making the classroom more comfortable. “I try to make no student feel like a nuisance nor a burden,” Antel said.

He said he strives to make his classroom a pleasant and social environment.

Ultimately, outstanding teachers are similar to elite athletes, dancers, or musicians. We know, cognitively, that their craft may seem effortless, yet we soon realize how difficult it is to play a sport or an instrument — or teach. Raymond Antel is an example of this.

“He is a fine educator,” said ELA teacher Cristy Connellee, “and he loves what he teaches, and loves his students.”

Raymond Antel is a teacher who promises an exceptional influence on the Gull Lake community. He will be the teacher Gull Lake High School students will remember forty years since they sat in his classroom. Both students and staff give their warmest salutation to him and cannot wait for the many years he will spend at Gull Lake High School.

Juan Salcedo

Juan Salcedo

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