Luke Bryan delivers a great performance

People came out in numbers for Luke Bryan’s visit to Richland. With the concert being cancelled the first time around due to weather, the rescheduled concert still attracted over 16,000 attendees. 

Concert attendees were packed in tightly near the stage with everyone trying to get as close to the stage as possible

The concert started late with the opening act, Mitchell Tenpenny, coming out around 6:30. Tenpenny put on a great show, playing some of his hit songs mixed in with some country classics. 

After about 45 minutes, Tenpenny made way for Cole Swindell, who kept the energy going. Swindell came out with a bang, sporting his classic country vocals backed by intense electric guitar and drums. Throughout Swindell’s act the tension in the crowd was rising as the main attraction drew nearer. 

After Swindell’s act was finished, there was about a half hour wait as the stage was rearranged, with a ramp being placed down the middle. 

Murmurs circled the crowd, “What’s taking so long?”

But then the moment everyone had been waiting for came. Bryan came out from the depths of the stage, riding a quad. The crowd went wild, as Bryan pulled the quad up to the front of the stage, standing on an attachment at the front, cracking open a beer, taking a sip, then attempting to throw the beer into the crowd. Instead of the beer going deep into the crowd it hit a light directly above Bryan and fell back down onto the stage, but this didn’t affect the crowd as he started performing his first songs. Bryan sparked life into the crowd, rocking the quad back and forth to the rhythm of his songs.

The electric atmosphere continued throughout the rest of the concert with Bryan playing many of his hit songs including Knocking Boots, Play It Again and Drink a Beer. About halfway through the act, Bryan performed a new single, “What She Wants Tonight” that had come out earlier in the day live for the first time, receiving a great reaction from the crowd. Bryan also brought Swindell back out to perform some songs alongside him as the concert began to draw to a close.

The concert seemed to go very smoothly overall and although I am not the biggest fan of country music all three acts, and the DJ that performed in between acts put on a great show and kept me entertained the whole time I was there. 

Nicholas Tracy

Nicholas Tracy

My name is Nicholas Tracy and this is my second year on the newspaper staff. This year I am the chief editor of the newspaper.  I enjoy writing generally, so taking newspaper allows me to expand the number of ways I can write. I like to write all articles, but prefer sports and movie reviews generally. I also play soccer on the Varsity soccer team here at Gull Lake.

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