Joker movie impacts young children

The movie Joker has a rating of R, meaning it is not appropriate for young viewers. Some parents do not care what their kids watch, so they will allow to take their child  to watch a higher rated movie. Sometimes they don’t think about what something on the screen can do to people. Children have minds that may not be able to handle violence or explicit content. Even some adults have difficulty with the content.

In the movie, the main character’s name is Arthur, and he has a lot of psychological problems. In some ways, he is psychotic and may make people feel uncomfortable. There is some bad language as well, which some parents don’t want their kids hearing that so they don’t repeat it. 

But the current main concerns regarding the movie have to do with the violence. Violence can mess with certain people’s brains and could freak them out.

“I talk to a lot of kids who deal with trauma, and it’s interesting that they will mention something like a violent movie as a traumatizing event,” says Jean West a social worker from Lafayette High.  She said the events in films linger with some students and could cause them to have nightmares or stress because younger minds can’t handle the added stress. 

In the film, the Joker is a bad man who does bad things to people. He is psycho who commits violent acts. He kills people with guns which can be a huge trigger for some  people. According to Joyce Estes, director of the Northwest Missouri Children’s Advocacy Center, “It does affect them. They see that and they take that in and that becomes part of who they are because that’s what they’re learning.” Watching violent killings, real or not, can make their brain change for the worse. 

Rylee Hamp believes the movie Joker can be good and bad for kids.

“It can spark their imagination, but it could also could bring negative ideas,” Hamp said. 

Rylee Hamp said she leans towards the Joker being okay to see because “they can have self control,” and “it seems like it tells a good story.”

Poster and cover of the new movie Joker. Courtesy of Warner Brothers.

While 17+ is the age for rated R movies, many kids younger, have seen the movie and enjoyed it. But sometimes, students think they can handle what’s in the film, and some may be able to but others, maybe not.

Overall, a person’s brain may not be mature enough to handle the violence. Ratings are important and should be taken into consideration. People have to learn if they are mature enough which may take time and help.

Rylee Hovanec

Rylee Hovanec

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I play volleyball, basketball, and I run track. I live with my mom, dad, and I have a cat. I enjoy playing sports and I have been playing them most of my life. I like to hangout with friends and family, watch TV/movies, listen to music and relax.

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