Upcoming wrestling season starts soon

Sophomore Colton Hicks is one of the members of the wrestling team that’s getting prepared for winter sports. Hicks is starting his fourth year of wrestling this year and has participated in wrestling since 7th grade. He has continued to wrestle ever since.

“My favorite part of wrestling has to be the fact that you are going against someone your own size and you can see who wants to win more,” Hicks said. 

The auxiliary gym at Gull Lake High School is useful for wrestling practice. Photo by Brittney Wiley.

He said his least favorite part of participating in this sport is getting hurt and missing his practices or meets. 

Last season, Hicks got cauliflower ear. Cauliflower ear, often called wrestler’s ear is where blood pools in the pinna, which is in the outer ear. He had to go to three different doctors to get it cleared up.

“This upcoming season I am looking forward to wrestling better than I did last year, and at a weight I want to wrestle at,” Hicks said.

This year, their first Varsity A meet is at Schoolcraft.

Kayla Hampton

Kayla Hampton

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High School. I had been at Gull Lake since kindergarten, then I moved to Portage Central Middle School in seventh grade. I moved back to Gull Lake halfway through eighth grade. I play volleyball, and I have been playing for five years. I run track events, and I am trying out for basketball this year. I have only played basketball one year, and that was in 7th grade. I like to listen to music and hangout with friends and family.

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