A student’s opinion on the Homecoming dance

The homecoming dance was not as good as last year. This year, the homecoming dance the students did not have a choice in the music picked. The homecoming dance is for the students, so they should have some say in how it works. Getting ready with friends and going to dinner is a good part of the dance. Hanging out with people after is fun too just hanging out all day with your friends. 

A lot of the students left the dance very early because they didn’t like how the dance was being run it was very strict, and there were teachers everywhere, not really stopping us from doing things it was just awkward. I liked this year’s homecoming theme, Halloween, decorated nicely. The before and after the dance was a good part of homecoming. The dance was still entertaining, to be able to hang out with friends and dancing with everyone. 

The dance was decorated nicely this year with leaves and lights, and it looked nice the music was bad, the DJ played older music that no one wanted, and they did not listen when we asked for them to play songs we wanted. They did not take any requests and played a lot of random music. Everyone was leaving early so halfway through the dance there wasn’t a lot of people left. Having fewer people made it more enjoyable in my opinion, but all my friends stayed.

Michael Hamp

Michael Hamp

I am a sophomore at Gull Lake High school, I have five siblings that are all younger than me. I play three sports, volleyball, basketball, and track.

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