Rising artist Layton Green reveals her back story

Layton Greene is leaving a mark on the R&B and hip-hop industry. She is a vocalist from St. Louis, Missouri.

“Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was going to be a professional singer. I knew I would be famous one day. I didn’t know how it was going to happen. I just knew it would,” says Layton.

She got a big push into her singing career when she posted a video of her singing “Roll in Peace” By Kodak Black. This went viral and this confirmed her seven-year-old dream to become a famous singer.  She wants people to be inspired and learn from her music. 

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As a young child, she always knew she aspired to be a singer. Some of her inspiration to sing also came from her mother.

“My mom always wanted to be able to sing, She just cried. She just prayed and prayed that she would have a kid that could be able to sing,” Layton says.

She was not the best student in school and was not a big star in her choir class. She was a very outgoing and brave child, she had to be due to all that was happening in her household.

Layton Greene lived with her mom and step-dad, who were overprotective and strict. When she was young her parents separated, her mother struggles with drug abuse and bipolar disorder which affected her as well. She turned to singing when she needed to get away from it all. 

A more recent song by Layton Greene is I Love You. This song is about her as a young girl falling in love and being in a toxic relationship.

“You said I had your heart ain’t no replacing me,” says Layton Greene in “I Love You.” She was treated like an object and wanted to be with her lover but he did not give the same back. Layton Green hopes that people will listen to her music and learn from it. 

Being so young and building a name for yourself is not easy. It takes a lot of passion and love for the art, which is everything that Layton Greene has. She has also done a lot of collaborations with other artists such as Lil Baby, City Girls, and PNB Rock in her song Leave Em Alone. Being an African American female in the industry she is making an impact on young girls’ lives. Especially African American girls. 

She is hoping to make an impact on lots of people’s lives. With her new extended play (EP) Tell your Story. She wants people to know that it’s ok to be imperfect.

“It’s okay not to be okay sometimes. It’s okay to go through stuff,” says Greene. “We’re all human. Sometimes we forget that.”

Syann Hollins

Syann Hollins

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